Monday, August 29, 2011

Why should my company have a blog?

There are many reasons for companies to use blogs to communicate with their customers and other major people of the company. Blogs are an easy way to tell customers what you are all about, what services/products that done, and so forth. Here’s how three different companies use their blogs to reach customers:
  • In the Linkedin blog you can see how the employees enjoy being with one another, as you can see in the Flash Mob’s dance video, their team building/development trips to museums, cooking classes. I believe that if a group of employees can have friendships out of the company they can deliver better products and services in the workplace and this is what Linkedin does. People are likely to buy from them because they’ll like their personality and how they interact with each other that they will want to see them succeed.
  • are not only about making customers and employees happy, they strive to make the world as a whole a better place. Other companies also see them as a great workplace culture and starting companies use this as a template for how to make their company a great one! I think the fact that they inform their customer that they are an environmental conscience company will go all way, especially with all this global warming talk!
  • I have never heard of Whole Story before this project but just from the two blogs provided I think they are a great company. They should children how to change recyclables they you would normally throw away into a great new thing. Although I’m not a child I thought that the water bottle flowerpot was such a great idea- for the young and old alike! They also had snack storage ideas that could be bought at your local Container Store. As you can see they are also environmental conscience!

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