Thursday, October 20, 2011

Negitive Response

When I receive a message that causes me to have emotional response my first step is to have a cool down period, which could include going for a walk, getting coffee or putting my attention towards some other project. After a while I would return to calmly strategize a response an email. Although I would be extremely upset and would love to tell off the recipient I need to be calm and explain the situation. Another strategy would be to write a letter telling the recipient off, just to get it off my chest. Then once I do that I will be calmed down enough to write a more pleasant letter.

Effective Business Writing

I used an “About Us” article from a property management company from Hatteras Island, NC named Hatteras Realty ( I think the article is very effective. The article describes everything that one can do while on vacation in Hatteras Island and invites you to call one of the “knowledgeable, eager professionals” whenever it is convenient with you. Although I’ve vacationed on Hatteras Island using Hatteras Realty, I still would love to go based on the article.

Insurance Email

The insurance email was hard for me to follow. One reason it was confusing is because of all the old and names for different sections and emails. Granted if I was part of the company receiving the email I might understand better but since I’m not the email seems like it is going in circles. I feel like this email example was not a good example of poor communication because we don’t know anything that they are talking about so of course we would think it was confusing, making us think it has poor communication through out the email. With that said the email doesn’t explain the change all that well. I also feel like they added more information then necessary- such as including the old names multiple times for things that they have renamed.

Business and Formal Language

I believe some businesses use to formal language for their audiences. I’ve read some company’s websites and needed a dictionary to define some of the words that I had never even seen. I don’t know why company’s continue to use language like this, because it is very ineffective. I think these companies continue to use the language because they feel like it makes the company seem to be filled with more educated, sophisticated employees.